General Terms of Business

1. General
1.1  These general terms of business apply to all quotations, deliveries and services of Snoek CSA BV. The general terms are filed at the Chamber of Commerce in Tiel-Netherlands with reference 23081077. They are also available on the internet at
1.2  By accepting an offer or placing an order you accept the applicability of these Terms.
1.3  Any waiver or any provision of these Terms will be effective only if in writing, in which case the remainder of provisions will still fully apply.
1.4  All rights and responsibilities contained in these Terms and possible further agreements regarding Snoek also apply to any distributors and other third parties licensed by Snoek.
2. Quotation, purchase orders and contracts
2.1  All offers made by Snoek CSA BV are without commitment unless stated otherwise.
2.2  Indications about the material used as well as drawings, pictures and descriptions are only valid as example and are non binding for Snoek CSA BV unless specially agreed otherwise.
3. Prices and payment
3.1  All prices mentioned for available products and services are stated in Euro's and are exclusive of handling costs, VAT and other taxes unless stated otherwise or agreed upon in writing.
3.2  Payments are to be made by the buyer within thirty (30) days of invoicing and delivery without any allowances unless otherwise agreed upon in writing.
3.3  Payment may take place by means of a way as mentioned during entering an order.
3.4  Payment after the due date is subject to interest of 1% p.m. In case of payment after receiving a reminder, Buyer has to pay extra charges of at the amount of 22,69 Euro for administration costs.
3.5  If buyer is derelict in making payments or fails otherwise to meet the terms from these General Terms of Business, Snoek has the right to postpone or resolve all contracts.
3.6  In case of price increase during the time between the order date and the delivery date, Buyer is entitled to cancel the order within ten (10) days upon notification to the purchaser.
4. Delivery
4.1  Delivery dates are calculated from the date of order entrance. Snoek will deliver the goods ordered as soon as possible, at least within thirty (30) days, unless indicated otherwise. In the event of late delivery, Buyer will receive a written confirmation within 1 month and has the right to dissolve the contract by informing Snoek by letter. Exceeding the delivery date does not give a right to compensation.
4.2  Delivery takes place at the very moment Buyer or his representative accepts the goods.
5. Ownership reservation
5.1  Snoek retains ownership of the delivered merchandise until full payment of the invoice. However, the relevant responsibility for the goods lies with the Buyer as soon as the goods have been delivered.
6. Industrial and intellectual property rights
6.1  Buyer has to regard the industrial and intellectual property rights of the goods delivered by Snoek unconditionally.
6.2  Snoek cannot guarantee that goods delivered do not infringe any (unwritten) industrial and/or industrial property right of Third Parties.
7. Warranty and Liability
7.1  The customer shall without undue relay check that the consignment is complete and in apparent good order and condition. The customer has to inform Snoek within at last two (2) weeks by means of written notification of apparent deviations.
7.2  In case the goods do not meet the contract, Snoek has the choice to replace them or to refund the amount of the invoice and the shipping charges.
7.3  In case Buyer refuses to accept the goods for either reason, Buyer has the right to return the goods to Snoek within seven (7) days upon date of delivery and to cancel the contract. Return shipment will then only be accepted in case the goods are originally packed and the sealed package has not been opened. Snoek will reimburse the payment. Costs of reshipment are for the account of customer.
8. Communication
8.1  In the event of misunderstanding, a delay or failure of ordering due to the use of internet or any other way of communication between customer and Snoek, or Snoek and a Third Party referring to the relation between customer and Snoek, Snoek is not liable unless there is a criminal intent or serious misconduct of Snoek itself.
9. Adversity
9.1  Without prejudice to other due rights, Snoek has the right, in case of adversity, to postpone the delivery or to cancel the contract without judicial intervention, by informing Buyer in writing without any commitment for paying compensation unless this would be, under the given circumstances, unreasonable.
9.2  Adversity means any default to which Snoek cannot be imputed as Snoek is not to blame for this default on the strength of the law.
10. Final provisions
10.1  In case Buyer reports a delivery address to Snoek, Snoek is entitled to deliver all future shipments to this address, until Buyer gives another address.
10.2  In case Snoek have been allowed, during a longer period of time, with tacit consent to deviate from this general terms of business, this is of no means when strictly observing the terms is demanded.
10.3  In case one or more conditions of this agreement are contradictory to the law, this condition shall be disposed and a new condition will apply.
10.4  Snoek is allowed to contact a third party carrying out your order (forwarder).
11. Applicable law and competent authority
11.1  All rights, commitments, offers, orders and contracts which apply to these General Terms of Business as well as these conditions fall within the scope of the Dutch law.
11.2  Disputes and complaints among parties shall be submitted to the qualified judge in Dordrecht - The Netherlands.